Once and for All


As bubbly as champagne and delectable as wedding cake, Once and for All, Sarah Dessen’s thirteenth novel, is set in the world of wedding planning, where crises are routine.

Louna, daughter of famed wedding planner Natalie Barrett, has seen every sort of wedding: on the beach, at historic mansions, in fancy hotels and clubs. Perhaps that’s why she’s cynical about happily-ever-after endings, especially since her own first love ended tragically. When Louna meets charming, happy-go-lucky serial dater Ambrose, she holds him at arm’s length. But Ambrose isn’t about to be discouraged, now that he’s met the one girl he really wants.

Sarah Dessen’s many, many fans will adore her latest, a richly satisfying, enormously entertaining story that has everything—humor, romance, and an ending both happy and imperfect, just like life itself. (c)goodreads

TITLE: Once and for All
AUTHOR: Sarah Dessen
Publication Date: June 6th 2017 by Viking Books for Young Readers
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Dessen since forever and I can say that her books is one of the reasons that made me love YA books. Her latest – Once and For All- is a little bit un-Sarah Dessen for me. Don’t get me wrong, Once and For All is not bad yet it’s not great either. I still like her writing in this one especially the character developments. Maybe the lack of romance set the Dessen bar down for me. If my 19-year old me has read this, probably she won’t be happy. Of course, there’s still romance in this but it really occurs in the last few chapters then one thing you know, the story was already ending. I was like hoping for at least another 20-30 extra pages. It seems like an abrupt ending but nevertheless, the whole story was fun to read.

I really like how the story revolves around about weddings especially if you’re working as a wedding organizer. It was so interesting it seems like an eye-opener, that being an organizer of such event is fun and stressful at the same time.

I’ve got a little bit sidetracked by the sudden shooting scenes. I was like…hey, it’s supposed to be fun and light read about weddings then comes…shooting? But yeah, i get it. Maybe this kind of scene was kinda unusual for a Sarah Dessen book that it caught me off guard while reading.

Anyway, as for the characters i really like the development of Louna. Her being cynical and guarded was reasonable and relatable. The damage and tragic end with the love of her life really saddens me though i’m not really a fan of instalove. It’s just so sudden and easy, i mean their beginning that it also ends so easily. It was so saddening that i’ve got a bit teary-eyed.

For Ambrose, i like the name! It reminds me of the Ambrose guy from Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve loved Before series. Haha. Anyway, he’s not a book boyfriend for me, sorry not sorry. But sure, he has his moments where you want to pinch his cheeks because he’s so cute, kind and adorable!

Once and for All is a book I recommend to all YA fans especially Sarah Dessen fans. She still does such a wonderful job here of creating realistic and relatable teen girls in a world that feels totally believable.

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This Is What Happy Looks Like


When a young movie star accidentally sends a small-town girl an email about his pet pig, the two teens strike up a witty correspondence during which they share their views on everything without revealing their actual identities, an episode that causes a relationship to develop which ultimately transforms when the actor chooses the girl’s hometown for the setting of his latest film. 75,000 first printing. (c)goodreads

TITLE: This Is What Happy Looks Like
AUTHOR: Jennifer E. Smith
Publication Date: April 02, 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

This book by Jennifer E. Smith was such a sweet, heartwarming and very wholesome read. As a true hopeless romantic, the story really made my heart flutter. The ooey gooey atmosphere that brings to you while reading this is enough to lighten your day or enjoy a summer vacation or even made you smile effortlessly through a cold rainy day.

It wasn’t perfect. It’s not even unique. It’s cliche and let’s admit it, we love cliche, right? The cuteness and swoon-worthiness make it up for the flaws. And since it’s a light read, one can easily relate to especially if you are hopeless romantics.

This is What Happy Looks Like is a book I recommend to all hopeless romantics out there! maybe this is a story you’re not really expecting but hey! i know you’re sucker for romance so give it a shot! slightsmile emoticon And for those who in need of a quick and light read, this book is really for you. slightsmile emoticon

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